Saturday, July 14, 2012

Life in UK

Hi all, I’m coming back AFTER SO LONG. Sorry for not updating, I’m kinda lazy and no mood to blog. 

One of the most recent visited places- Whitby

Been here in the UK around 1 month plus, well adapted to the weather as well as the environment, no jet lag and I really love this place so much, esp the weather. 

Here are the short recaps of what have been happened all the while.

At Abu Dhabi International Airport waiting for transit to Manchester. Our sexy back bwhahahaha.

Going out for house products hunting and walk around the Sheffield city.

One of the dishes cooked by us. *Proud*

Went to York, Old Trafford, Whitby and Blackpool so far. Whitby was by far the most beautiful place that I’ve visited although there are still many places yet to explore. 

York, the historical city. 

Old Trafford-Man Utd Stadium

Shu Peng in the pic. 

Huey Teng in da house yo! Haha.

Me with the comfy seat. 

With the bunch of girls. @Whitby

Seaside of Whitby

ShuPeng with the "Yeng" guy. :P


Xanne and Vernice :)

Blackpool-Quite boring place. Photo credited to Xanne :-)

One of the happenings in Sheffield-Olympic Torch Relay. I could hardly get through the crowd and take a photo. Spot the torch with fire which i highlighted? Hahaha.

Disney Party @Embrace 

Cowboy Party @The Leadmill (Chio us hahaha, LOL kidding kidding) Thanks to the photographer Ruixanne Lee

More to come I guess, stay tuned! Bye :-) 

Monday, February 27, 2012


Hello 2012 to my blog, finally there is something new in here. I was so desperate to update but too lazy to do so. Haha, anyway here comes the first post in 2012

Yesterday night when I was tidy up my old notes with few boxes, those old memories started to pop up on my mind. There I captured it down and share with you guys. Haha, the picture above showing the “good work” I’ve actually done in the past 4 years. Now gone because it might be collected by karang guni man already. Teehee 

I still keep this until yesterday. 2008 since now. 4 years college life.

Time passes way too fast, 4 years already, I’m about to complete my study life and working life is waiting at the other side. So much of feeling on that night, I felt so sad that I’ll be moving out soon, mid of April. I thought it falls on end of May. Where am I gonna be on that time? Shit, I don’t know yet. 

When I was digging out the notes, I found some photos, old photos, and years ago. 

Don’t laugh, I know it was so funny with the boy hair. That was me when I was 16. To be honest, this was the photo I liked so much on that time, I think it was cool. Hahahahaha!!!!!!

Halo Ah Xie!! Hahahahahaha, I can’t stop laughing at myself. 很可爱的样子, so cute right. 

Found this in my files also. Hahaha, apa saya hendak jadi bila saya seorang dewasa? 
Here the answers: Guru, Hakim dan Doktor. I bet all of you also wrote the same right? Hahaha,none of that was what I am now. Maybe teacher? LOL.

So, I guess I’m done, bye bye.


Me and the bestie during CNY, hairdo by his brother. HAHAHA!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Inspiration II

Omgoshh, December is just about to come to an end, and this is the only post in this month, should blame myself for no updating. OK, what’s the point for this post? No idea but just feel to write something at here.

Actually, not gonna deny that there are some many things need to take into account lately. Anyway, there is always a solution when things come to a point. 所谓:船到桥头自然直

At times when I think that everything is out of my control, I’d told myself there is still something to keep me up, to keep me for company, to keep me for fighting, to keep me for pushing forward. Current thought: Never give up and shoot for the best each and every time.  

说容易,行动难, 人还是需要更多的磨练

Lastly, end this post with the best picture of the year 2011.

那些年,我们一起追的女孩#《我们的友情版》。。Winkss ^^

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last Tuesday

Last week of today, my bestie, Ginger came to KL and hanging out with me (She just came back from UK not long ago). We’ve finally get to meet each other after months. Half year, to be exact, lol such a long period. Welcome back to town, teehee!!

We chit-chat, makan and exchange present. We did talk a lot and eat a lot. Hahas, light meal, mostly snack on tea and cake.

My present for her (her hubby’s album that she longed for) and her present and souvenirs for me. Thank you for your souvenir all the way from UK.  <3 

High-tea session after few hours of window shopping. 

The present and souvenirs ^_^ Love the necklace with Eiffel tower. <3

And the belt, so special!!!  

And also not to forget thanks to Wei Feng, Alicia’s Bf for his souvenir, “key” keychain, lol.

Between, I bump into Ruixanne at KL sentral, she just came back from her vacation.

Souvenir from Phuket, it’s a two-sided mirror. Thank you Ruixanne!! :) I really received many souvenirs lately; thank you all, I heart you, you and you!! 

Have to continue with my ass, I mean assignment, haha! Buhbye:-)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Golden Bell Awards The Best Male Actor goes to WILL PAN, 潘玮柏

太開心了, 我的偶像終于如愿以償得獎了, 聽好咯, 金鐘影帝 對就是金鐘影帝!!!真的替你感到高興和驕傲, 你的努力一切都是值得的!!!

Congrats congrats!! I’m so proud of UUU; I’m so happy right now!!!!!

別人都只會說爆冷然后在那發飆,或許他們根本不了解, 不懂你曾經付出過多少汗水, 但我們粉絲知道你, 明白你!!你真的是一位很棒的藝人 :)你實至名歸!!!!


最棒最棒的實力派偶像!! Thumbs up \^_^/

太屌了, 繼續加油潘瑋柏。。。。

LOOK’s 2D1N Birthday Trip

It was a sunny day, early in the morning, a gang of youngster headed out to Cameron Highlands for LOOK’s Birthday Celebration

The one with color was the Birthday Guy, who always making fun around. 

With Magen and Kiki :)

Reached waterfall at noon, camwhore session starts. The weather up there was just nice, the wind is blowing gently.

And after that, we reached the destination!!!!

Plotted plant all around you, spot the strawberry?

The vegetables look so fresh and like a grassy lawn.


 Ruixanne is in the picture :)

ShuPeng with the flowers, who’s lovely? Hahas!

Saw Miao, Khoo and Jess jumping so happily behind? Hahas, their expression was ridiculous.

After that we went back to our Apartment. Resting and playing games, while ShuPeng, Looi and Chun Kit secretly went out to buy cake. For the sake of surprises, we hiding at balcony and wanted to give him a big surprise.
We whispering, laughing and shivering outside, we’re freezing actually. Hahas!! The commander, Ah Khoo, suppose to give us command before he goes near to the balcony but he didn’t, so the moment he draws the curtain over, we actually terrified by him. He was terrified also, ended up we did surprise him. But seriously I was terrified more because of his screaming!! 

Anyway mission accomplished at the end. We sing and sang, and went out to have dinner. Steamboat time!! ^^

Remind you of Plants vs. Zombies? Ring a bell? :p

Oh NO, it was so windy right there. We hardly took a nice one. 

Ignore the blowzy hair =.=

Niceeeeeeeee!! :)

Huey Teng and Hanyi ^_^

Shu Peng and Mun Ling with LOVE <3

Picture of mine with the flower ^_*

Hanyi and ShuPeng :)

You think it’s SEXY???

3 monkeys ;ppp

BOH tea farm

Orang-Utans, ahahaha!! 

Arghhhh, the baby girl is so so so freaking stunning.

Group Photo!! \^_^/

That’s all for this post, hope you did enjoy your birthday trip Ah LOOK!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)