Saturday, October 22, 2011

LOOK’s 2D1N Birthday Trip

It was a sunny day, early in the morning, a gang of youngster headed out to Cameron Highlands for LOOK’s Birthday Celebration

The one with color was the Birthday Guy, who always making fun around. 

With Magen and Kiki :)

Reached waterfall at noon, camwhore session starts. The weather up there was just nice, the wind is blowing gently.

And after that, we reached the destination!!!!

Plotted plant all around you, spot the strawberry?

The vegetables look so fresh and like a grassy lawn.


 Ruixanne is in the picture :)

ShuPeng with the flowers, who’s lovely? Hahas!

Saw Miao, Khoo and Jess jumping so happily behind? Hahas, their expression was ridiculous.

After that we went back to our Apartment. Resting and playing games, while ShuPeng, Looi and Chun Kit secretly went out to buy cake. For the sake of surprises, we hiding at balcony and wanted to give him a big surprise.
We whispering, laughing and shivering outside, we’re freezing actually. Hahas!! The commander, Ah Khoo, suppose to give us command before he goes near to the balcony but he didn’t, so the moment he draws the curtain over, we actually terrified by him. He was terrified also, ended up we did surprise him. But seriously I was terrified more because of his screaming!! 

Anyway mission accomplished at the end. We sing and sang, and went out to have dinner. Steamboat time!! ^^

Remind you of Plants vs. Zombies? Ring a bell? :p

Oh NO, it was so windy right there. We hardly took a nice one. 

Ignore the blowzy hair =.=

Niceeeeeeeee!! :)

Huey Teng and Hanyi ^_^

Shu Peng and Mun Ling with LOVE <3

Picture of mine with the flower ^_*

Hanyi and ShuPeng :)

You think it’s SEXY???

3 monkeys ;ppp

BOH tea farm

Orang-Utans, ahahaha!! 

Arghhhh, the baby girl is so so so freaking stunning.

Group Photo!! \^_^/

That’s all for this post, hope you did enjoy your birthday trip Ah LOOK!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

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  1. I love the pictures especially the flowers! Nice btw ;)