Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last Tuesday

Last week of today, my bestie, Ginger came to KL and hanging out with me (She just came back from UK not long ago). We’ve finally get to meet each other after months. Half year, to be exact, lol such a long period. Welcome back to town, teehee!!

We chit-chat, makan and exchange present. We did talk a lot and eat a lot. Hahas, light meal, mostly snack on tea and cake.

My present for her (her hubby’s album that she longed for) and her present and souvenirs for me. Thank you for your souvenir all the way from UK.  <3 

High-tea session after few hours of window shopping. 

The present and souvenirs ^_^ Love the necklace with Eiffel tower. <3

And the belt, so special!!!  

And also not to forget thanks to Wei Feng, Alicia’s Bf for his souvenir, “key” keychain, lol.

Between, I bump into Ruixanne at KL sentral, she just came back from her vacation.

Souvenir from Phuket, it’s a two-sided mirror. Thank you Ruixanne!! :) I really received many souvenirs lately; thank you all, I heart you, you and you!! 

Have to continue with my ass, I mean assignment, haha! Buhbye:-)

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