Sunday, December 18, 2011

Inspiration II

Omgoshh, December is just about to come to an end, and this is the only post in this month, should blame myself for no updating. OK, what’s the point for this post? No idea but just feel to write something at here.

Actually, not gonna deny that there are some many things need to take into account lately. Anyway, there is always a solution when things come to a point. 所谓:船到桥头自然直

At times when I think that everything is out of my control, I’d told myself there is still something to keep me up, to keep me for company, to keep me for fighting, to keep me for pushing forward. Current thought: Never give up and shoot for the best each and every time.  

说容易,行动难, 人还是需要更多的磨练

Lastly, end this post with the best picture of the year 2011.

那些年,我们一起追的女孩#《我们的友情版》。。Winkss ^^

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