Monday, February 27, 2012


Hello 2012 to my blog, finally there is something new in here. I was so desperate to update but too lazy to do so. Haha, anyway here comes the first post in 2012

Yesterday night when I was tidy up my old notes with few boxes, those old memories started to pop up on my mind. There I captured it down and share with you guys. Haha, the picture above showing the “good work” I’ve actually done in the past 4 years. Now gone because it might be collected by karang guni man already. Teehee 

I still keep this until yesterday. 2008 since now. 4 years college life.

Time passes way too fast, 4 years already, I’m about to complete my study life and working life is waiting at the other side. So much of feeling on that night, I felt so sad that I’ll be moving out soon, mid of April. I thought it falls on end of May. Where am I gonna be on that time? Shit, I don’t know yet. 

When I was digging out the notes, I found some photos, old photos, and years ago. 

Don’t laugh, I know it was so funny with the boy hair. That was me when I was 16. To be honest, this was the photo I liked so much on that time, I think it was cool. Hahahahaha!!!!!!

Halo Ah Xie!! Hahahahahaha, I can’t stop laughing at myself. 很可爱的样子, so cute right. 

Found this in my files also. Hahaha, apa saya hendak jadi bila saya seorang dewasa? 
Here the answers: Guru, Hakim dan Doktor. I bet all of you also wrote the same right? Hahaha,none of that was what I am now. Maybe teacher? LOL.

So, I guess I’m done, bye bye.


Me and the bestie during CNY, hairdo by his brother. HAHAHA!!!

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