Saturday, July 14, 2012

Life in UK

Hi all, I’m coming back AFTER SO LONG. Sorry for not updating, I’m kinda lazy and no mood to blog. 

One of the most recent visited places- Whitby

Been here in the UK around 1 month plus, well adapted to the weather as well as the environment, no jet lag and I really love this place so much, esp the weather. 

Here are the short recaps of what have been happened all the while.

At Abu Dhabi International Airport waiting for transit to Manchester. Our sexy back bwhahahaha.

Going out for house products hunting and walk around the Sheffield city.

One of the dishes cooked by us. *Proud*

Went to York, Old Trafford, Whitby and Blackpool so far. Whitby was by far the most beautiful place that I’ve visited although there are still many places yet to explore. 

York, the historical city. 

Old Trafford-Man Utd Stadium

Shu Peng in the pic. 

Huey Teng in da house yo! Haha.

Me with the comfy seat. 

With the bunch of girls. @Whitby

Seaside of Whitby

ShuPeng with the "Yeng" guy. :P


Xanne and Vernice :)

Blackpool-Quite boring place. Photo credited to Xanne :-)

One of the happenings in Sheffield-Olympic Torch Relay. I could hardly get through the crowd and take a photo. Spot the torch with fire which i highlighted? Hahaha.

Disney Party @Embrace 

Cowboy Party @The Leadmill (Chio us hahaha, LOL kidding kidding) Thanks to the photographer Ruixanne Lee

More to come I guess, stay tuned! Bye :-) 

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